Protecting Water with Mercy Corps

Watermark infographic 2The world is facing unprecedented water challenges brought on by population growth, urbanization and shrinking fresh water supplies, meaning women can spend up to six hours per day fetching water for their families. As the world’s largest provider of pumps and equipment that treats and transports water, Xylem Inc. is committed to addressing this critical need.

This infographic was developed as part of Xylem Watermark, the company’s corporate citizenship and social investment program, along with nonprofit partner Mercy Corps. Capturing the devastating effects of water-related disasters, this image – taken in Jakarta, Indonesia after massive floods – also represents the untapped power of disaster risk reduction, a newer approach to solving the global water crisis by proactively securing water resources from natural disasters before they happen. According to estimates, every dollar spent on disaster preparedness can save four in disaster relief.

Xylem Watermark works year-round to provide and protect safe water resources for communities around the world, and is supporting water-related disaster risk reduction projects with Mercy Corps that are expected to help more than 450,000 people in Indonesia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Nepal and Tajikistan.

This World Water Day, Xylem is shining a light on this global need for clean water and asking people everywhere to help solve the problem. For each share of the infographic on Facebook, Xylem will donate $1 to partners Water For People and Mercy Corps (up to $10,000, March 19-30, 2012). Visit to participate.